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Covet Collections: Dolly and Dotty Sally Dress

The Dolly and Dotty Sally dress makes waves at the marina, the way only Dolly and Dotty dresses can…

Dolly and Dotty Sally Dressdolly-and-dotty-nautical-dress-1dolly-and-dotty-nautical-dress-3dolly-and-dotty-nautical-dress-6

British vintage design hooks admiring eyes

The marina water is awash with diamonds, courtesy of the August afternoon sun peeking through the cotton-wool clouds. It’s high tide, and boat-upon-luxury-boat bob like synchronised swimmers at their moorings, keen to coast into the perfect calm of the River Crouch.

Yachtsmen and women mill about the marina, and admiring eyes trail after my companion. Angie looks like she just stepped out of a 1950s movie. Her Audrey Hepburn style make her the jewel of the Essex riviera, and the talk of the town.

Dressed in her Dolly and Dotty Sally dress in an ice-cream shade of aqua blue, Angie sports an ivory sun hat and match shades. These huge, glamorous sunglasses augment her Hollywood look, and her nude heels make her long, bare legs look endless – it’s enough to make even a flamingo jealous.

Dressing it up to the nines

Dolly and Dotty dresses make it so easy to achieve this level of glamour.  The Sally dress, just like the rest of their Summer collection, blends just the right dose of panache and simplicity, meaning that it can be dressed up to the nines, or down for the nine to five. It was made days like this, for lazy parades along the water’s edge, and for evoking a genuine sense of 1950s chic. From the sailor style collar to the polka dot print, the Sally dress is your ticket to nautical vintage style. That’s why so many of their ardent fans know that a Dolly and Dotty dress is a sound investment on the fashion front.

We stroll along the promenade, enjoying the sea breeze and poetic sight of a sail boat drifting back after an afternoon cruising in the twinkling bliss of the bay. Angie comments on how comfortable her Dolly and Dotty dress makes her feel. Dolly and Dotty come up trumps with dresses that are cleverly cut from stretch fabrics, that make for such ease of fit. I say that it makes her look amazing too, fitting like it was tailored just for her.  Angie replies with a flourish, saying she loves the way it compliments her feminine shape – and I couldn’t agree more. She is a vision of vintage beauty.

Dresses designed with a certain end in mind

That’s what I love most about the rise of the British vintage fashion brands. Small but specialist design houses like Dolly and Dotty seem to instinctively know how to craft dresses with this end in mind. As Angie so perfectly put it, “It makes me feel so confident… like I could achieve anything in this dress.”

We should all embrace this feeling. And while fashion isn’t the be all and end all of self-confidence, it sure is a fun place to start.

I say start with a dress; a perfectly charming vintage style dress. Let the cut and colour direct you to choosing a style that best expresses that essential aspect of “you”. Then add accessories based on the nature of the occasion and the look you aspire to embrace. Like Angie, by adding a sunhat and shades, you can channel pure retro glamour, and you can be assured of maximum presence and consummate compliments.

One tenet I live by is that special dresses don’t have to be relegated to the wardrobe outside of special occasions. Every day is special, so why not celebrate it with your choice of apparel? Dust off your best frocks and let them rock your every day look… or visit my website, to find the Dolly and Dotty Sally dress, and to further inspire your love of vintage fashion.

Love and Glamour from Anna Amoura

Dolly and Dotty Dresses

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